Kaskade and Skylar Grey's "Room For Happiness" Music Video

February 20, 2012 By:
Kaskade and Skylar Grey's

The somber and haunting track “Room For Happiness” from electro artist Kaskade and pop songstress Skylar Greyy has finally released a video to accompany the song.

The video sees Skylar lying on a bed in the middle of a tragic wasteland. Kaskade hides out in a room that looks like a recording studio but it’s revealed that Skyler is actually a patient in a hospital cell and Kaskade, with his music, is altering Grey’s surroundings such that she believes she’s somewhere other than the hospital room.

It’s a dark and twisted metaphor for whatever icy relationship inspired this track.

While the song may be edgy and introspective, Skylar says the collaboration with Kaskade was arguably the easiest and best music writing experience ever.

“Kaskade was an absolute pleasure to work with,” says Grey, “When a song comes out so effortlessly, it’s usually a sign that it is one of my best.”

According to Kaskade, the feeling was mutual, “One of my favorite memories from making my album, ‘Fire and Ice,’ was making music with Skylar,” says Kaskade, “This was a collaboration that came together so easily that I knew it was going to be something special before we even finished.”

Skylar Grey is best known for her writing and vocal talent to P. Diddy’s “Coming Home” and Eminem’s song, “I Need A Doctor.”

The song “Room for Happiness” is currently available on iTunes in 8 different remixes including the Kaskade ICE mix, and remixes by other top DJs.