Skrillex & Kaskade 'Lick It' Music Video

April 18, 2012 By:
Skrillex & Kaskade 'Lick It' Music Video

To the untrained ear, Skrillex and Kaskade are all just electro, but that just aint the truth. Skrillex is the new posterboy for the dubstep music scene, and Kaskade is the reigning champ of house music, and now these two Electronic Dance Music Kings have teamed up on the song “Lick It.”

The song debuted a few months back, but they finally premiered the video last night on MTV.

The video was shot in reverse, but makes sense from beginning to end. The video’s subject is bleeding from her ears and holds her head in pain until she gets music in them.

“Collaborating with Skrillex for the track and video of ‘Lick it’ was one of the more unique opportunities I had when recording ‘Fire & Ice,’” says Kaskade, “Skrillex and I have different styles but that is part of what made it fun. I like doing the unexpected and this track and video is something truly distinctive.”

The song is off Kaskade’s “Fire and Ice” album and three new remixes of the track by Datsik, Alex Kenji and Norman Doray are now available on iTunes today.

Kaskade just debuted a brand new stage set up at Coachella on Saturday night that includes a jaw-dropping spectacle complete with massive LED screens that blares images synched with the music.

Kaskade also just recently announced that he will be performing at Lollapalooza on August 3-5 at Grant Park in Chicago.