Kaskade's Dream Collaboration Might Not Be Who You Expect

September 27, 2012 By:
Kaskade's Dream Collaboration Might Not Be Who You Expect

Earlier this year, Kaskade recently collaborated with singer Skylar Grey on the track “Room for Happiness (Fire)”—an anthemic dance track that left us begging for more.

Of course, when Stereotude caught up with the American DJ (whose non-stage name is Ryan Raddon) at the 5th Annual House of Hype Power Players Event presented by Esquire Magazine, we had to ask him who his dream collaboration would be.

His exclusive answer?

“What’s up, Sting? Are you listening?” the 41-year-old said with a laugh.

It did get us thinking though that there is something very “Desert Rose” about Kaskade’s style and it has us dreaming of rain in the form of a Sting-Kaskade single also.

The DJ also threw in an offhand casual “Sade, maybe” because what red blooded man doesn’t want to collaborate with Sade in any shape or form?

The turntablist just played a sold-out Staples Center concert in LA last July telling us it was “absolutely crazy,” causing him to reflect on his earlier gigs playing less popular venues for 200 people. However, he’s still in touch with his humble roots though to choose between the two now is “oranges and apples.”

Even with all his current success he prefers to see the best of both worlds. “They’re too totally different experiences. I love ‘em both,” he says. “I grew up going to small intimate clubs so that’s very natural and easy for me. But playing the arenas is cool just ‘cause so many people are on the same wavelength all at one time.”