Kate Moss Thinks She's a Singer Now

December 30, 2010 By:
Kate Moss Thinks She's a Singer Now

Just what we need—another model-turned singer in the world. Kate Moss is apparently recording an album with her boyfriend Jamie Hince. He’s the guitarist for The Kills, and obviously accidentally told her she was good enough to record a whole album.


According to the NY Daily News, Kate and Jamie are collaborating together on the album, which is pretty much its only saving grace.

Kate has dabbled in the past with music—most recently with her ex-boyfriend, hottest mess of all time Pete Doherty. She co-wrote four songs for the band and performed on one of Doherty's tracks. She has also sang songs by the Lemonheads and Oasis.

Whatever. It’s not that she totally sucks or anything. It’s just that it’s so fucking typical is all! We don’t need any more already famous for something else people entering the too-crowded music scene. We just don’t.

When did being a supermodel and having international fame and gobs of money stop being enough?