Kate Voegele is a Fine Mess

June 8, 2009 By:
Kate Voegele is a Fine Mess

You may know Kate Voegele as Mia on One Tree Hill. Or you may be a huge fan of her album A Fine Mess, which dropped just last month, and is getting great reviews.

Kate is a 22-year old singer-songwriter and actress who landed herself a coveted role on the WB hit One Tree Hill this past season, playing the amazingly talented Mia Catalano.

That role inspired Kate to write her current album A Fine Mess, saying that her busy schedule pushed her to prioritize her time to create her latest masterpiece.

Kate said, "The funny thing about A Fine Mess is that I really wrote it almost accidentally while I was doing all of that stuff last year," Kate continued. "I was touring, shooting One Tree Hill. I thought, 'I'm going to have no time to write my second record.' And when it came time in the fall to make the second record and we were talking about it with the label, it was like, 'I kind of have this record already. It sort of wrote itself.'"

Hollyscoop got a chance to catch Kate on her tour stop in Los Angeles at the El Rey theater where she eally shined on stage. Kate reminds us of Michelle Branch when she jams on the guitar, but has an angelic side when she slows it down for songs like Hallelujah.

We don’t know where Kate gets all of her energy, but she had enough on stage for the whole band!

You can catch Kate at one of the remaining spots on her tour. Click
for more info and visit Katevoegele.com to buy Kate’s current single “99 Times.”