Katy Perry Earns Over a Million to Perform at Private Wedding

October 2, 2012 By:
Katy Perry Earns Over a Million to Perform at Private Wedding

Musicians don’t just make all their seven figures from record sales, world tours, merchandise, and exhausting celebrity club apperances. Sometimes there’s a lavish billionaire wedding in Beverly Hills, California with a budget that surpasses 4.8 million that needs some singing, y’know?

Last weekend, the “Firework” singer was tapped by ex-Neighbours actress Holly Vallance and British billionaire luxury developer Nick Candy to play their nuptials all to the sweet tune of $1.9 million.

Another tiny detail worth noting is that Katy Perry played for only 45 minutes, which means Katy pretty much earned the annual salaries of over 115 employees working for the hourly minimum wage rate in California…for less than an hour. (If you’re worried this means it cut Holly and Nick’s reception short on the dance floor, don’t. They also flew out the cast of Jersey Boys from London to L.A. to perform at the wedding. Turns out the couple are big fans of the show.)

After the taxing gig, a fatigued Katy probably just went home, turned off the lights, and went to sleep in her bed of $$$$$$$$.

While this pinnacle definition of “extravagant” was enough to make Kim Kardashian’s look modest, flying singers out to special private events for large sums isn’t all that uncommon in the industry, usually by huge corporate companies signing the checks. Recently, Nicole Scherzinger was paid one million dollars for a 45 minute set in Dubai by Emirates NDB bank and Maroon 5 played a private concert at Northwestern Mutual’s annual meeting in Milwaukee.