Diplo Has Another Baby on the Way, But What Does This Mean for Katy Perry?

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Diplo Has Another Baby on the Way, But What Does This Mean for Katy Perry?
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Diplo and Katy Perry have been rumored to be dating since April of this year when they were spotted clubbing together in New York.

They've kept their relationship under wraps for the most part… never publicly revealing that they are dating. However, inside sources have told Stereotude that they are indeed dating and Katy is infatuated with Diplo (real name Wes). 

Diplo even accompanied Katy on her extravagant 30th birthday party in Marrakech, Morocco. The week-long celebration started in Morocco and ended in Paris.


Spice girl.

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An alleged eyewitness said, "When they got off the plane [in Paris], Diplo was carrying Katy's pillow for her and they stopped to pose for pictures together on the tarmac. They had their arms around each other, and she was resting her head on his shoulder. They both seemed tired after the weekend in Morocco.”

All birthday celebrations aside, Diplo also has some other celebrations he has to attend to. A baby shower. For his second child. With ex-girlfriend/mother of his first child. 

WTF?!?! What does this mean for Katy? 

Apparently, the child was conceived BEFORE Diplo and Katy began dating in April. The baby is due any day now, which means he or she was conceived back in January. Hey, the math adds up!


Check out photos from Katy's star-studded birthday bash: