Is Katy Perry Dating John Mayer or Diplo?

January 6, 2015 By:
Is Katy Perry Dating John Mayer or Diplo?
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Who the F is Katy Perry dating?

For months now, we've heard whispers about her seeing superstar DJ Diplo. However, we just got word that she went on a date with ex-boyfriend John Mayer last night. 

Katy and John were spotted at a restaurant in Beverly Hills for dinner. An insider revealed that the former couple "actually buried the hatchet a while back." Apparently, the dinner date wasn't so much a date though - they were just "hanging out". It seems like John "hung out" all night long because he ended up spending the night at Katy's place. 

Hmmm, we don't think Taylor Swift is going to be too happy when she hears about this. Is she going to write another "Bad Blood" song?

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So where does that leave Diplo?

Diplo accompanied Katy on her extravagant birthday trip to Morocco and Paris in October. The two were all lovey-dovey, celebrating Katy's 30th birthday.

Keep in mind, Diplo has just became a baby daddy for the second time that same month. 

This is all getting too complicated to comprehend. 

Should Katy choose John Mayer or Diplo? Or should she say eff it to them both and live the single life?