Katy Perry Donates Sales of New Single to Charity

February 16, 2012 By:
Katy Perry Donates Sales of New Single to Charity

Katy Perry is donating all the profits of her new single, “Part Of Me” to charity.

Awww she is a good person, also she probably has so much money and might need to bury some of it during her divorce from Russell Brand, because let's face it, she probably has waaaayy more money than him, and I hear that charity donations are great tax write offs, err, I mean Katy Perry is a good person and donates to charity. Great job Katy Perry, remind me to remind you to give you a high-five next time I see you.

Anyways, Katy Perry says that proceeds from iTunes sales of her track “Part of Me” (which she debuted on The Grammys less than a week ago) will go to MusiCares, an organization that provides financial, medical and personal assistance to musicians in need.

Katy tweeted, “My proceeds of #PARTOFME from ITUNES & others will go to one of my favorite charities for the arts MUSICARES.”

Katy loves MusiCares. She recently donated $250,000 to the charity after performing at Paul McCartney's MusiCares Person of the Year concert earlier this year. Wait, WHAT? Katy Perry performed FOR Paul McCartney? He was probably like, “Who is this blue haired smurfette? Is this song actually about ET? Why does she wear cupcakes on her boobs? I was in The Beatles dammit, they couldn't even get Adele for this gig?”

Katy also offered up a signed guitar in an auction to benefit MusiCares and the Grammy Foundation. Bidding on the guitar starts at $1,500.

Other items to go on the auction block include VIP tickets to Coachella and Stagecoach, and plenty of guitars signed by Jeff Beck, Coldplay, Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Slash. Basically, a lot of guitars that no-one will ever play again and will sit in the “memorabilia room” of a rich persons house.