Katy Perry is MTV's Artist of The Year

December 16, 2011 By:
Katy Perry is MTV's Artist of The Year

MTV just compiled it's list of best artists of 2011 and Katy Perry topped the list. Imagine that! She's one of Barbara Walters most fascinating people of the year, has six Top 10 hits from the same album, and just hosted SNL last week.

This must totally be Katy's Perry's own "Teenage Dream" and we should totally launch a "Firework" in her honor, proving that Katy Perry is most definitely NOT "The One That Got Away."

Ok, done with quoting Katy Perry songs, Katy did have one impressive year.

She went on a 123 date California Dreams tour and is currently tied with Janet Jackson and George Michael for having six Top 10 hits from one album, that album being her "Teenage Dream" album.

When MTV gave Perry the award she released this video where she gushed, "I just want to thank everyone for this amazing award to be artist of the year. A whole 365 days, thats pretty cool. I wasn't allowed to watch MTV growing up, so this feels really validating."

Oh yeah, I always forget about Katy Perry's really strict upbringing. Somehow she went from not watching MTV to shooting whipped cream out of a cupcake bra. Go figure, right?

Katy continues: "I've had a fantastic year, a great tour and a great run. You guys have been so a part of it and such a big reason why. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it."

In addition to Perry's musical accolades, she also was turned into a Barbie this year, she debuted a second fragrance, she died her hair every color of the spectrum, and voiced a smurf in that smurf movie.