Katy Perry Removes "Wedding Video" From Post-Divorce Concert

January 20, 2012 By:
Katy Perry Removes

Katy Perry has made her first post-divorce concert appearance at a show in Indonesia earlier today.

Usually during Katy Perry’s concert performance of her song “Not Like the Movies” she plays a video and shows clips from her Indian wedding to Russell Brand. She debuted the intimate wedding video into her set last year, letting fans get a glimpse into her life with Brand.

The song, “Not Like the Movies” is a song about their relationship, Katy previously talked about the song while they were married, “I finished the song with him in mind knowing that it is like the movies. He’s in films and stuff so it made sense.”

However, at the gig in Indonesia, she removed all the wedding footage from the video and instead replaced it with images of cartoon animals.

Is that all her marriage means to her? That her wedding video could be swapped out with cartoon animals!? Apparently. Also, cartoon animals? What is up with that?

While the lack of Russell at the concert was obvious to concert goers, Katy didn’t address the break-up during the show.

Prior to hitting the stage she tweeted, “I’m SO EXCITED to FINALLY be in INDONESIA! U guys have waited forever #timetodeliver.”

Katy also brought a shirtless male fan on stage, kissing him on the cheek and obviously trying to make Russell brand jealous, because what better way to get back at an ex than to flirt with teenage boys during a concert?

Also, Katy debuted blue hair last week, which she dyed for an Adidas commercial, she was back to her usual jet-black hair at the concert in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Katy will play her last ever date on the California Dreams Tour on Monday in the Philippines.