Katy Perry is Taking Feud with Taylor Swift to a Whole Other Level

January 5, 2015 By:
Katy Perry is Taking Feud with Taylor Swift to a Whole Other Level
Image By: Getty Images / Larry Busacca

Taylor Swift is about to get dissed on the most-watched television event of all time. Yeah, we're talking about the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl halftime performer and Taylor Swift enemy Katy Perry is planning to use performance to get back at Taylor for calling her out on 1989 track "Bad Blood". A few months ago, Taylor hinted in a Rolling Stone interview that "Bad Blood" was written about Katy Perry,.Katy shot back with a little subtweet towards Taylor that read "Watch out for the Regina George in sheep's clothing..."

What does Katy have planned for the performance?

We know she has pyrotechnics and a bunch of other tricks up her sleeve. A source revealed that "Katy wants to show she is the biggest female act. She wants to make a statement with her performance and show that she is the biggest female act in the world, and she wants to show that to everyone including Taylor, who she has a feud with. In Katy's eyes, no one can compete on her level."

As for the Taylor beef, "Katy will be doing something on stage during her performance that will be directed towards Taylor. She is working on it to be a visual or a lyric-related jab."

Okay, yup. Now we're definitely tuning into Katy's halftime performance.