Katy Perry "The One That Got Away" Music Video

November 11, 2011 By:
Katy Perry

Katy Perry just released the music video for “The One That Got Away” making this her sixth single off her “Teenage Dreams” album.

The video starts out with two old people wearing Chanel in a really nice house and I’m like, “what stupid commercial is this, hurry up and get to the Katy Perry part” and then the old lady turns around and I’m like “oh sh-t, that’s Katy Perry in old lady makeup.”

So then old-version Katy Perry sadly drinks tea and has a flashback to when she was like 26 and in love with some guy.

Oh and I forgot to mention, Diego Luna plays Katie Perry’s twenty-something lover and since this song is called “the one that got away,” spoiler alert - we know that Diego Luna is the one that got away. Are you kidding me? She had Diego Luna and she let that sh-t go!?!

Anyways, Katy and Diego play the worlds most perfect hipster couple, doing everything from crashing a dance at a senior center to giving each other homemade heart tattoos, because nothing says “true love” like “let me stick this needle full of ink inside your arm.”

All the while 80-year-old Katy Perry is sitting in her house with her non-Diego Luna future husband and crying over all her happy memories. I’m low key tearing up right now and if anyone asks I’m not telling them I’m listening to a Katy Perry song.

And then things go south. Diego starts acting like a crazy person and when he’s in the middle of painting something (yes, her perfect lover is an “artist,” what did you expect?) Katy gets pissed off and throws red paint all over his artwork. Gasp!

Then Diego leaves the house all huff and drives off a cliff and dies. Wait, what? No seriously this happens. This is the most depressing video ever. Katy Perry didn’t break up with him. He drove off a cliff and she had no choice but to live without him! This is too heavy, I need to watch “California Girls” or something.

So anyways, that’s the video for “The One That Got Away.” While the song itself is cutesy and kind of sad, the video is mad depressing. I thought that Adele kind of had the monopoly on songs about the “one that got away” with her “Someone Like You” single, but Katy Perry comes close to stealing Adele’s thunder.

Because this is Katy’s sixth single off the same album she could potentially beat Michael Jackson’s record set by having five number one singles off the same album, that is IF this song makes it to the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Michael has five number one singles and so does Perry, so they are tied as of now. Currently, “The One That Got Away” is not even in the top 10, but could make it there with a surge in popularity following the release of the video.

Fingers crossed.