Katy Perry Waking Up in Vegas!

April 28, 2009 By:
Katy Perry Waking Up in Vegas!

Katy Perry has just released her colorful new video for Waking Up in Vegas, and it makes us want to hop on a plane and go!

Katy plays a girl who wakes up with her boyfriend, not realizing what had happened the night before. But just one lucky turn at the slots brings all the memories back.

Katy and her BF’s lucky streak the night prior prior apparently allowed them to live the temporary lives of high-rollers, as they jet from one casino to the next, winning each time.

Katy channels her inner Showgirl, and her boyfriend, played by the hilarious Joel Moore, sheds his nerdy exterior, and his clothes in one scene!

We love the concept of this video! Fans can definitely relate to waking up to fuzzy memories of the night before in Vegas.

Check out the video below.