Katy Perry Will Make "Real F-cking Dark" Music Now That She's Divorced

March 1, 2012 By:
Katy Perry Will Make

Now that Katy Perry is divorced from Russell Brand, she says her music is going to take a very dark turn.

What she’s trying to say is, don’t expect “California Gurls” to be turning up in any Katy Perry set lists anytime soon. Katy says she’s ditching the bubblegum pop because her heart is so broken now.

“Well, my music is about to get real f-cking dark. I’ll be shoe-gazing. You’ll never see my face because my hair is in my face,” says Katy.

What does any of that mean!? The first part makes sense, real dark music, sure sure, I can understand that. Shoe-gazing? Is that like Shoe-buying? Is Katy checking out shoes because…I got nothing. Also, why will her hair be in her face? Because she’s sad? Because when you are sad you put your blue hair in your face and make dark music? Ughh, Katy Perry, switch to English every once in a while!

Anyways, speaking of…things…Katy Perry recently said that her new song “Part of Me” is actually NOT about Russell Brand.

“I wrote Part of Me two years ago and I always knew that Part of Me was a special song,” Katy told Access Hollywood.

So when Katy sings the words, “You can keep the diamond ring/It don’t mean nothing anyway” she was talking about the other guy she was married to two years ago, the one that wasn't Russell Brand?

Katy Perry for President of “sucks at interviews.”

“It feels like my life plays out with these songs. I feel like I’m in some kind of weird Truman Show where I’m like, ‘Why is this single appropriate now and it wouldn’t have been appropriate then?’ It’s just so crazy.”

Super crazy. Next question: So when you make this “real f-cking dark” music, do you think you will get bangs again and dye your hair black again?