Katy Perry Writing New Songs About Russell Brand Split

January 5, 2012 By:
Katy Perry Writing New Songs About Russell Brand Split

Katy Perry is going the "Taylor Swift" route, and by that I mean, she is writing songs about a break-up. Oh gawd, here come the references to high school.

Katy Perry and her husband Russell Brand have filed for divorce and a source told The Sun, "Ever since problems started to emerge, she penned her thoughts in a diary which she goes back to, to draw upon for lyrics for her songs."

Katy wants to use her emotional distress from the break-up to pen her third album. Just a hunch, but she probably wont be dressing as a cupcake for her next world tour.

"She has always said that writing is almost a form of therapy for her and she would often be found in her dressing room on tour writing in her diary," adds the source.

Yep, just like Taylor Swift.

Katy also spent time away from her soon-to-be ex-husband Russell over the Holidays where she partied in Hawaii with friends, but it wasn't all fun and games on the island.

"She spent a lot of time in Hawaii over Christmas writing lyrics to two of her latest tracks," says the source.

Katy previously revealed that she needed to take time off after her world tour to give her a chance to live a little and have more life experience to write about in her next album. Sadly, I don't think these were the experiences she was hoping she would have.