Katy Perry's Teenage Dream Leaks

July 22, 2010 By:
Katy Perry's Teenage Dream Leaks

Katy Perry’s single “Teenage Dream” has just leaked online! The song is really cute, and less “overdone” than her other songs, if you know what we mean!

“Teenage Dream,” which shares the same title as the whole album, has a really fun beat, but is more subdued as Katy talks about doing the naughty for the first time!

Just yesterday, the artwork for Perry’s album cover was released, featuring Katy lying in a puffball of clouds…or is it pink cotton candy?? We can’t tell!

New York-based artist Will Cotton created the cover. Katy originally contacted Will to ask about buying one of his paintings, and he ended up doing her cover!

“The day I found Will Cotton, I knew I wanted to live in his cinematic cotton candy world. A fantastically art-directed music video and one piece of timeless album artwork later, I can proudly say I am more than a fan,” Katy said. “Will has been a sweetheart every step of the way and always open to collaborative ideas. I’m so happy to have discovered his candy-land, and so excited about our creative future together.”

Listen to “Teenage Dream” here
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