Prince Harry Wants Katy Perry to Sing for the Queen

March 6, 2012 By:
Prince Harry Wants Katy Perry to Sing for the Queen

Even though Katy Perry has been single for almost 3 months, no one has been trying to date her. Why is everyone obsessed with Tim Tebow? Why doesn’t anyone want Katy Perry? Finally, a famous person is trying to get a date with her and it’s (drumroll please)… Prince Harry. I know, right?

Apparently, Harry is trying to get Katy Perry to perform at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee concert so he can “meet her” and by “meet her” I mean, “hit on her.”

“Harry has a double reason for targeting Katy. First he thinks she is a rocking artist with great songs. But secondly she is single and very sexy,” a source tells the Daily Star.

“He sees this as an opportunity to get close to Katy. And his is confident his charm will win her over,” says the source.

His charm probably will work. I’ve never even heard the guy speak and I’ve already decided that he is the greatest. The source adds, “Although Katy may have ended it with Russell, she still has a soft spot for wild boys.”

Prince Harry may like to party, but compared to Brand’s antics, he is a saint.

Katy is also reportedly doing really great post-split from Brand.

“Katy doesn’t want to know what Russell is doing now. She really doesn’t even care what he’s doing,” a source tells

Well, luckily for Katy, Brand isn’t really doing anything. Last time I checked he was dressed like a homeless person and going to yoga.

“Katy doesn’t even mention Russell’s name. She has never looked or seemed better. She is on the top of her game right now, and Russell is the last thing on her mind.”