There's a New Band in Town and it's Called Drakey Perry

October 17, 2014 By:
There's a New Band in Town and it's Called Drakey Perry
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Our dream collaboration is here, and we couldn't be more excited.

Drake + Katy Perry = Drakey Perry

Max Martin, who has produced a ton of Katy Perry's tracks, has updated his website with all his discography. One song that caught our eye was Katy Perry's "Legendary Lovers" (FEAT. DRAKE).

Here's proof:

"Legendary Lovers" is off Katy's Prism album, which was released last year. 

We like the song as it is… but with the Drake remix treatment? Now that's just another story. If you've been following Drake's discography, you'll know he's not new to the remix game. Listen to some of our favorite Drake remixes:


iLoveMakonnen - "Tuesday" (Drake Remix)

This is the latest Drake remix. He really put this song and iLoveMakonnen on the map. Makonnen is now signed on Drake's OVO Sound label.


Tinashe - "2 On" (OB O'Brien & Drake Remix)

Drake's version of this summer's anthem. Of course, he transforms the happy club anthem into a slow-burning melancholic heater.


Migos - "Versace" (feat. Drake)

Another example of Drake putting up-and-coming artists on the map. 


Lykke Li - "Little Bit" (Drake Remix)

Drake hopped on this remix back in 2008. OG Drake fans, remember this one?


And this ladies and gentlemen is why we love Drake.