Keith Urban Cancels All 2011 Concerts to Have Throat Surgery

November 4, 2011 By:
Keith Urban Cancels All 2011 Concerts to Have Throat Surgery

Who isn't cancelling their concerts nowadays? That's the real question. From Rihanna's flu, to Adele's surgery, and now Keith Urban's throat surgery? It's only a matter of time before Britney Spears pulls a hamstring from a lap dance gone wrong and has to cancel the rest of her Femme Fatale tour.

Keith Urban, country crooner and husband to actress Nicole Kidman, is undergoing outpatient surgery to have a polyp on his vocal cords removed.

He has had to cancel all performances from now until 2012 to give himself proper vocal rest. However, from now until he has the surgery he will still do any one-song appearances. One-song appearances? I can only assume that means mall-shows and bar mitzvahs.

“The surgery, an out-patient procedure, while minor, will require complete voice rest followed by an undetermined period of recuperation,” says a rep for the singer.

One of his cancelled shows includes the “All for the Hall” benefit concert which was supposed to take place in Nashville in January. It will now be rescheduled.

Just yesterday it was announced that Urban is supposed to perform with Scotty McCreery at the 2011 CMA Awards on Wednesday. This will reportedly happen if Urban hasn't yet gone into surgery or as long as they only play ONE SONG.

McCreery covered a Keith Urban original; “Walk in the Country” for his debut album and Urban regrets not being able to play guitar on McCreery's track.

Keith Urban isn't the only musician to undergo throat surgery lately. Sadly, many artists lately are coming under the weather or needing severe throat surgeries.

Adele is reportedly about to undergo emergency throat surgery to repair a hemorrhaged vocal chord. She has also had to cancel all her 2011 shows. I guess this will give her something to write about if she ever runs out of “ex-boyfriend-heartbreak” stories.

John Mayer, who was famous first for being a singer and not the rebound guy for Taylor Swift, recently developed a granuloma near his vocal chords. He needed an operation, cancelled some shows and forced him to push back the release of his new album. Still waiting on that new album. Swift recoveries Mr. Mayer, and yes, the use of the word “swift” was intentional.

Also, R. Kelly had surgery to drain an abscess on his tonsils in July. Eww. Sadly, I don't think he had any performances lined up that he had to cancel. I guess he was trapped out in the closet for too long we all forgot about him.