An Open Letter to Keith Urban’s Tattoo

October 25, 2013 By:

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Dear Keith Urban’s Arm Tattoo,

Few things can bring tears to a grown man’s eyes; few things can melt away the grit and grime that build up around a pure soul; few things can send the mind spinning the way you did when you showed up last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“Somebody Like You” truly doesn’t come around every day and—just like your new single “Little Bit of Everything” says—we “don’t need a whole lot of anything,” we “just want a little bit of everything.” Behind those curves of ink is where we found it.

The spiraling detours of the barbed pattern stretching across a perfectly sized bicep send lingering thoughts of warm lusty nights beneath an L.L.Bean blanket, watching Eyes Wide Shut on repeat while “Tonight I Wanna Cry” plays softly in the other room.

The central red splotch is certainly a heart; a heart that beats for humankind, singing it to peaceful slumber. War, famine and disease are no match for your magnitude and tranquility. Why that heart has suddenly relocated to the side of your arm, we may never know. Your mystery constantly challenges us.

You stop just before the elbow and partially hide, tucked away under that American Eagle-style t-shirt—alas, keeping us guessing. What miracle will you surprise us with next?

Yes, “Nicole” is the center of your being. We know this because it’s written in the center. But your lady will always be the cosmos. They toss and tumble; careening amongst the chaos, yet you will them to stillness with a single breath and a G chord. 

We thought we knew what love was. We thought it was champagne upon balconies as fireworks burst and scatter overhead. We were wrong. It’s an ornate arm tattoo. It’s you.

So thank you, Keith Urban’s tattoo. Thank you for allowing us this brief glimpse of that little thing they call true love.

Forever yours,