Kelly Clarkson Goofs Around in VH1 Save The Music Outtake Video

February 20, 2012 By:
Kelly Clarkson Goofs Around in VH1 Save The Music Outtake Video

Kelly Clarkson has a powerhouse voice, is a phenomenal singer, and is the first American Idol winner, but I bet you didn’t know how funny she is?

Kelly Clarkson just shot a PSA for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation in a new project called Battle for the Bands, which urges young people to advocate for music education.

Clarkson leant her talents and face to the campaign but it seems like she stumbled through her PSA shoot and the outtakes are hilarious.

In one blooper the director approaches Kelly and apparently tells her she needs to do something differently and she goes, “oh, like more cheeseville?” She then gives a far cheesier delivery of her lines, whipping her hair back and forth like Willow Smith.

She also flubs up her introduction, saying, “Hey what’s up, it’s me Kelly Clarkson... Oh wait, I’ve got a funnier one.”

The campaign combined with “Battle for the Bands” engaged over 20,000 teens in advocacy efforts last year with their “Battle for the Bands” program which seeks to get students involved in a national video contest.

Check out the video. If you didn’t already love Kelly Clarkson, I guarantee you’ll love her now. There’s just something so relatable about forgetting how to pronounce your own name. Celebrities, they are just like us.