Kelly Clarkson is Forming a New Girl Pop Group

August 1, 2011 By:
Kelly Clarkson is Forming a New Girl Pop Group

Kelly Clarkson is forming a girl group. I thought girl groups were reserved for 14-year-old singers who get noticed at mall singing competitions in the 90’s, but whatever, I guess the first ever American Idol winners can do whatever they want.

Kelly’s new pop group is comprised of Kelly and her two backup singers Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier and they call themselves Already Famous. As in, one member in this group is already famous?

However, they say they choose the name after shopping for nail polish, “We couldn’t decide so we went to Sephora and picked the funniest nail polish name. No deeper meaning.”

So far the group has recorded 4 songs, mostly old K. Clarkson demos and the girls all switch off on who get’s to be lead singer, “we switch on different songs. We all sing lead, alto and soprano at different points,” they released on their official twitter @AlreadyFamous3.

Look at how serious they are, they have a twitter and everything! Watch out for a totally legit tumblr and facebook fan page coming soon.

Kelly tweeted, “@jillandkate! I love random writing and recording with friends!”

I can’t wait to hear this music on radio disney, because that is undoubtedly the only place we’re going to hear it.