Kelly Clarkson Releases New Single "Mr. Know It All" This Month

August 18, 2011 By:

Kelly Clarkson, the original 'American Idol' winner will release her fifth album, Stronger, on October 25th and her first single, "Mr. Know
it all" will debut August 30th.

"Mr. Know It All" sounds like such a Kelly Clarkson song, she's such a man-hater.

She'll launch the single during a live webcast at her newly redesigned website

Following the webcast launch, the song will be available on itunes and all digital music stores on September 5th.

"Can't wait for y'all to hear the new single!" Clarkson wrote on her site. "The band and I are really excited and currently gearing up for this record! It's gonna be a fun record to tour!

Although her first two albums sold nine million copies in the US, her last two albums, "My December" and "All I Ever Wanted" were huge disappointments. They both sold less than a million copies.

But Clarkson says she doesn't care, because she doesn't want to be famous blah blah blah, "I couldn't give a crap about being a star. I've always just wanted to sing and write."

However, her last album "All I Ever Wanted" may not have sold many copies, but it did churn out four singles, including "I Do Not Hook
Up" which was co-written by Katy Perry.

Clarkson has been teasing fans (I'm sure they're out there?) about the upcoming single for months. She tweeted last month, "Just found out my
single is hitting radio in August! Woohoo! It sounds great as well! Can't wait for y'all to hear it!" and then moments later she tweeted,
"Okay please do not get angry but it might be September for my single...It's a huge bummer waiting but I promise it'll be worth it!"

I'm sure everyone was very upset, you know those riots in London? Yeah, Kelly Clarkson started those. She was also supposed to release
the entire album sometime last December. Well, now it's August and we're finally getting close to hearing it. Maybe. Who knows, keep your eyes on Clarkson's twitter.

Last month, three songs from the album were leaked but then immediately pulled from the internet. An artist like Lady Gaga can leak her entire album and still have the highest opening week for record sales, but sadly for Clarkson, leaking tracks will hurt sales of the legitimate album.

The leaked songs were "Let Me Down" which was another man-hating rocking pop ballad, and two others "Forgive You" and "Dumb+Dumb=You. The second song I'm dying to hear, simply because I wonder how she's going to turn that phrase into cohesive lyrics.