Kelly Clarkson Rocks the National Anthem During Super Bowl

February 6, 2012 By:
Kelly Clarkson Rocks the National Anthem During Super Bowl

After last years National Anthem fiasco aka Christina Aguilera forgetting the lyrics and turning a 1 minute song into like 10 minutes…Kelly Clarkson got through all 1 minutes and 40 seconds of the National Anthem and didn’t mess up once.

Great job Kelly Clarkson, you sang a very short song and made it sound good. That is quite a feat, for sure. No seriously, this song gets messed up all the time. Is it, “twilight’s last gleaming” or the “the twilight’s still streaming?” Nobody really knows.

In all seriousness, Kelly has arguably one of the best voices in music, meaning she doesn’t talk-sing or rely on auto-tune, also she won the first season of American Idol so she can hold that over everyone’s heads, always. After performing a flawless version of “The Star Spangled Banner” she started the game on a high-note.

She was backed by a children’s choir, which was both endearing and powerful, and she debuted a new sleek haircut with thick blunt bangs and a dark brunette dye-job.

Despite how great the performance was she tweeted, “I’ve never been more nervous in my life than singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl tonight.”

She had every right to be, this is one of the most highly scrutinized musical performances ever. It doesn’t even matter that the audience is comprised of football players and sports fans. If you even mess up one lyric, you’re screwed. Nobody will buy your albums anymore and you’ll have to resort to taking jobs on televised singing competition shows.