Kelly Rowland "Down for Whatever" Music Video

October 19, 2011 By:
Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has just released another music video, this time for her club ready track, "Down For Whatever." If you've been texting people "I'm down for whatever" meaning that you’re down to get brunch or down to go to the movies, Kelly gives new meaning to the phrase.

She boasts lyrics like "When it comes to you/ I could make love on the floor/ I'm down for whatever." That's as creative as she gets? I'll do ANYTHING with you. We can even make love, wait for it... on the FLOOR! Crazy right?

The song was produced by RedOne, the same guy who produces most of Lady Gaga's tracks and the song is off Rowland's third album "Here I Am."

The video features Kelly in a variety of outfit changes: zebra leotard, frilly underwear, top hat, chain on her face (yeah, she wears a chain on her face, don't know what's going on there), and a black strappy leotard. She even appears naked in the video and would be completely nude except for some strategically placed strobe lights.

There's a scene where she glows in the dark and makes glow in the dark love to one of her dancers in one of those black lit "go go" dancer boxes. So yeah, when she said she's "down for whatever" I guess she really meant it.

Didn't Kelly JUST release a music video like last week? Yah actually she did. She released her super steamy video for "Lay It On Me" last Wednesday. Kelly could keep hustling and churn out video after video OR she can get knocked up and try to steal Beyonce's baby bump thunder. While everyone is debating whether or not Beyonce's baby is real or fake, Kelly could slip in their with a pregnancy announcement and all eyes would be on her.

Kelly Rowland really needs to turn down the sex factor. Her first single "Motivation" was overly suggestive, if that song came on while I was in the car with anyone, I'd have to change the station. In her last music video for "Lay It On Me" she strokes an elephants trunk (gasp) and now she's singing songs about being "down for whatever," if you know what I mean.

The video has actually come under scrutiny because the music video looks identical to the music video for British band Freemasons featuring Wynter Gordon. The video in question was for their single last year called "Believer." Both the "Believer" video and Kelly's new video were directed by Sarah Chatfield and some are saying they are basically the same music video. Both vids feature strobe light patterns and ladies prancing around in leotards.

Wynter Gordon tweeted at fans at the striking similarities between the videos, "I didn't accuse anyone. Believer vid wasn't my concept, but the director's. I know it's not Kelly. Those borrowing from me know who they are. It sure ain't Kelly. I'm rooting for her."