Kelly Rowland is Desperate for a Good Man

August 26, 2011 By:
Kelly Rowland is Desperate for a Good Man

Kelly Rowland says she's having a hard time finding love. Ok, if stunning famous women can't find Mr. Right then there is absolutely no hope for the rest of us. Better start filling out that cat adoption paperwork.

Rowland says she's too busy to date but really wants to find true love. "I don't have time for love right now. I've only been in love once. I'd like a Mr. Right."

Rowland is currently a judge on the UK version of "The X Factor" and was previously linked to British TV personality Reggie Yates back in 2008. But now, she says she wants a man who isn't "dating" every other girl in his phonebook. "I don't want them hopping around with Sarah, Michelle, Jessica. I want him to be mine."

Really? Because most women love it when their man is also seeing several other women. There's nothing better for your confidence than knowing your dude only likes you part-time. Sarcasm aside, but Kelly wants someone to "put a ring on it." I hate quoting Beyonce when talking about Rowland, cuz I know Rowland has been lingering in her shadow for so may years, but c'mon, quoting "Single Ladies" is always appropriate.

Though Rowland says she might be looking for Mr. Right she keeps ending up with Mr. Wrong, "When I noticed myself starting to date a-hole guys, and unavailable guys, I changed that real quick."

She says she hopes to settle done soon, "I'm dating and happy. I definitely want to get married and I definitely want babies."

Anyways, let's stop talking about Rowland's ticking biological clock; it's making me depressed. In music news, Kelly Rowland just released her third studio album "Here I Am" in July but says she's already ready to make another album. Rico Love, who wrote Rowland's hit song "Motivation" amongst others, talked to Rap-up about Rowland upcoming album.

"I'm starting Kelly's new album soon. While she's on tour, I'm gonna be writing records for her new album. We can kinda roll that out and drop her new single in late spring."

The "tour" he's talking about is Chris Brown's "The F.A.M.E" tour where Rowland is just one of the shows headliners.

"I believe in R&B and I believe that if we make new age records and don't make dated records and keep it classic, I think we'll be fine." Love says of her upcoming album.