Kelly Rowland "Lay It On Me" Music Video

October 12, 2011 By:
Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland just released the video for "Lay It On Me" featuring Big Sean. This is her third single off her "Here I Am" album and in the video Kelly alternates between crowd surfing over the bodies of several naked men and freak dancing with half naked men.

She also does this thing where she stacks her back up dancer dudes in some kind of human stairs and then lounges all over them. This is, I think, what some women would call a "sexual fantasy" but for Kelly Rowland, this is just another day at work.

This video is super sexy, but unfortunately there is a law in the music industry that only one former Destiny's Child member can become uber famous. (I might have made that up) Obviously, Beyonce has claimed the spot. However, "Lay It On Me" is Kelly's steamiest music video yet, and if I said that she wasn't overcompensating with sexy for the baby bump that she doesn't have, I would be lying.

Oh also, there's an elephant and Kelly uhmm plays with it's trunk. Use your imagination.

She also plays with a Slinky in ways that I'm sure it's creators never intended for it's use. I will give her creativity props for the use of the elephant and the Slinky. I thought Slinky's were just for stairs! Who knew they could come in handy during a strip tease!

Big Sean lends his rap skills to a verse. Though Big Sean doesn't indulge in the videos overt sexiness, he plays it cool. He just hangs out, wearing several pounds of chains and rapping about being awesome. Yada yada.

I kind of wish Destiny's child would get back together. Beyonce and Kelly's music perfectly compliment each other. I didn't forget about Michelle WIliams, but let's be real, what's she doing nowadays?

Anyways, if Beyonce's "4" album left you yearning for some sexy dance tracks, Kelly has all of them on her "Here I Am" album.

Kelly is currently one of the judges on the UK version of X-Factor, I'm guessing she's like the Nicole Scherzinger of the UK panel (fiery pop star type). Every day she treats fans to a new hairdo, wig, or weave but says she'd love to just go bald.

"One day I'd like to cut off all my hair - really close shaven to my head. It's such a really beautiful look," she tells the magazine Essence.

"I'm in love with wigs. I get them custom-made and I have my hairstylist shape them to my head. I can go from short to long in less than a minute," she reveals.

However, the one way in which she'll never be like Beyonce is that she can't rock blonde hair.

"I tried a blonde wig once, and I looked like I should have been wearing a tacky dress with my legs out. I looked crazy."