Ke$ha Dances Up a Cult in New "Die Young" Video

November 8, 2012 By:
Ke$ha Dances Up a Cult in New

Singer and ticking atomic bomb of glitter Ke$ha released the music video for her current dance single “Die Young” and it’s surprisingly tame. Or maybe we’re just completely desensitized by her antics at this point.

“Die Young” features the Warrior princess in the surrounding desert area and confines of a crumbling Mexican church, getting all kinds of $acrilegious. There are Satanic symbols and Illuminati suggestions galore. There’s scantily clad choreography. There’s a cult like vibe with an orgy-inspired twist. And most surprising of all, there’s almost nothing to really watch here.

What works well on the dance floor (in both original and remix form), “Die Young” lacks in visuals. Compared to her debut smash “TiK ToK,” her latest music video foray is a departure for the pop star—instead of simple, fun, and of course, sparkly house party footage, Ke$ha is spreading her wings and taking her set pieces outside the expected club fare. It’s a nice effort, even if the result is this lackluster video.

Her album out on December 4 features collaborations with artists like, Max Martin, Patrick Carney of the Back Keys, and Iggy Pop himself, so we’re sure they’ll be more singles in the near future. Next time!