Ke$ha Releases Her Animal on Today Show

August 13, 2010 By:
Ke$ha Releases Her Animal on Today Show

Ke$ha took over Rockefeller Center this morning as she performed some of her hits on the Today show.

The controversial singer started with her first hit “Tik Tok,” followed by the equally as catchy tunes “Take It Off” and “Your Love Is My Drug.”

She told Matt Lauer the dollar sign in her name was just her having a sense of humor. "It was just me being ironic," Ke$ha explained. "I was really broke when I wrote this record. Instead of having a pity party, I thought I'd turn it into an ironic statement."

She’s currently on tour with Rihanna, something she calls very exciting. The ladies played MSG last night, and Ke$ha told MTV, "I'm actually a little petrified, to be honest. It's a landmark in my career, and it's just an epic venue. ... I'm just really excited, and I'm gonna try to kill it! It definitely means a lot for me to be playing there, especially with Rihanna, 'cause she's so incredible. It makes me feel like I'm finally arriving here!"

She added, "I don't know what she would be learning from me, aside from how to look like a maniac, but I definitely learned a lot from her," she said. "I've only been performing pop music for under a year, so I'm relatively new to the arena thing. It's terrifying, so I really do, every night, watch her, and she's so graceful and so sweet and so badass."

Check out Ke$ha’s performance from this morning’s Today show stage!

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