Kesha's "Die Young" Song Plummets In Wake of Newtown Tragedy

December 18, 2012 By:


An unforeseen consequence of last Friday’s unforeseeable and devastating Newtown elementary school shooting involves the performance of a happy-go-lucky song from Ke$ha.

The harmless dance tune “Die Young,” once a heavy-hitter on the pop charts, has fallen approximately 11% in radio rotation since the mass massacre, according to TMZ.

That number might sound drastic, but according to their insiders there hasn’t been this steep a fall since the country act Dixie Chicks in 2003, back when they criticized President Bush for the invasion of Iraq.

Of course something of this magnitude and sadness could have entered Ke$ha’s mind when writing the track, but its title and lyrics are a little too close for comfort. “We’re gonna die young,” “Young hearts, out our minds / Runnin’ til we outta time / Wild childs, lookin’ good,” and “Like it’s the last night of our lives / We’ll keep dancing til we die” are just a few of the lyrics that unfortunately recall the images and stories of 27 killed, 20 of which were children.

Yes, this is actually a completely banal piece of information given the human lives lost and families made to grieve. However this does show the entertainment industry’s quiet response to the tragedy from all corners. A TLC special called “The Best Funeral Ever” has been postponed and various premieres of films involving violent subject matter, regardless of how far removed, have been cancelled.

Currently, “Die Young” still sits at #3 on the Billboard charts, but we’ll see what affect it has on its standings next week.