Kid Cudi Tells Crowd 'Suck My D**k' at Outkast Concert

September 29, 2014 By:
Kid Cudi Tells Crowd 'Suck My D**k' at Outkast Concert
Image By: Getty Images / Kevin Winter

What's going on with Kid Cudi lately?

First he wears a CROP TOP at Coachella, then he faints during his concert in Chicago? And now he's telling concert attendees to suck his d**k?

Getty Images / Kevin Winter

Kid Cudi opened up for Outkast at their three-night concert series called #ATLast this weekend. At the start of his set, he said something close to "Hey guys, I'm Kid Cudi. I bring only positive energy and am here to open for Outkast. I'm just here to warm ya'll up!" 

Cudi didn't stay so positive when the audience clearly wasn't feeling him. According to a Reddit user that attended the show, "He slowly got more and more irritated. His first comment was a sarcastic 'Thanks to my five fans that are here!'"

Halfway through his hour long set, Cudi pauses the music during his part in "Memories" to tell the audience that he's just going to just do "'Pursuit' and then get the f**k out of [there].'"

During his performance of "Pursuit," Cudi does a sly lyric switch telling the crowd to "suck his d**k." The Reddit user fs200vids, who has been a huge Cudi fan for the longest time, was not happy with Cudi's lyric change. "That shit pissed me the f**k off. Disrespectful and whiny as shit. He can't expect everyone to know his music when he is an OPENER. Not a main act."

Did Cudi mess up royally? Did he have the right to tell fans to suck his d**k? We can kind of see why Cudi was so disappointed. He's been in the industry since 2008, with chart-topping hits and Grammy nominations. It's still no excuse to be flip out like that and be rude to fans.

You can view the lyric change during Kid Cudi's performance here.