Exclusive: Getting Real with Kid Ink

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Exclusive: Getting Real with Kid Ink
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Kid Ink has quickly become a household name in the world of hip-hop. Since 2012, he's released an album a year and his fresh new record My Own Lane shot to number one on the Billboard Hip-Hop Charts and number three on the Billboard Top 200 immediately after its release in January. To those paying attention, it's no big surprise. Ink's flow is undeniable, his swagger and charm are front and center, and his music and attitude present an approachable air that pulls people in. It doesn't hurt that he's got the support of Chris Brown and an absolutely fire single being rinsed on the radio around the nation.

We got a few moments to catch up with the rising star and grilled him on weed, women, and winning at life:

First things first: indica or sativa?

I would say indicas, OGs. It's a heavier high…All those [sativa] head highs give me headaches!

Who rolls the best blunts in hip-hop?

Me! I usually take the consideration of rolling my own. I don't know too many people who disagree. I used to say Wiz [Khalifa], but Wiz stopped smoking blunts. He smokes papers now. 

You come off as a humble person. Do you feel there's too much ego in hip-hop?

Sometimes, man. I feel like there's more ego than records sometimes. It's okay if you have the records to back up your ego -- for instance, a Kanye West - it doesn't matter because he has enough music to back that up, but, I feel like being humble takes you further.

A lot of people have strong opinions on Chris Brown. What is he actually like?

Chris Brown is just a regular guy, somebody who just tries to be normal, do normal things. I think if you get a certain celebrity, you just wanna be regular. 

Who are the best producers in hip-hop?

I think Timbaland and Pharrell still hold their own. They're legends. The new producers like Hit Boy and DJ Mustard and Mike Will are producing dope shit and coming up.

In what environment do you write lyrics best?

The studio. The studio is just the best vibe. If I do any writing outside of the studio, it makes me just wanna get in the studio. I try to save it all for when I get in the booth, but sometimes on the plane, man, I get a lot of free time to not really think about nothing and just focus on the record.  Zoned out is way better than focused in. When I can just free my mind and go in the booth and freestyle, have a couple errors and just try different things. 

What does "bossed up" mean?

Bossin' up is just takin' it to the next level with whatever you're doing, just doing more than somebody else, doin' more for yourself, stepping your game up. Taking it from one place to another and doing better than last year.

Your videos often show you just hangin' out and smoking weed with your friends. That's kind of different than what you normally see in hip-hop...

It's relatable, man. There's only so much people want to watch what they can't have. They can see we just do regular things. We're not much different than anybody else. At the end of the day, I don't spend my off time staring at my jewelry or cars. There's other stuff I'm doin'.

The opening lyric to your single "Show Me" is "Let me put your panties to the side, Imma make you feel alright"… If I was trying to convince a girl to let me manually pleasure her in public, I might use an adverb stronger than 'alright'.

[Laughs] That's a funny line, man. Shout out to TeeFlii who came up with the lyrics on that. We didn't know if we wanted to change it or if the radio was gonna play it. It was funny cuz all the radio DJs that played it were like, "Don't change it, don't even do a clean version". It's raunchy; it brings out the record and makes people turn their heads. 'Pull' your panties was a lil bit stronger and I felt 'put' your panties was a lil cleaner, a little nicer and more acceptable. 




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