The Killers Drummer Groped the First Lady

August 16, 2012 By:
The Killers Drummer Groped the First Lady

Rock stars are almost contractually obliged to act like crazy people some of the time, even though one the whole they’ve gotten more tame since the 70s and 80s.

But some feats of irreverence go down in history, as Ronnie Vannucci Jr.’s decidedly unintentional fondling of the First Lady’s behind most probably will.

In an interview with NME, The Killers drummer admitted that he had once “accidentally” groped first lady Michelle Obama. It is difficult to “accidentally” grope someone with a detail of men dedicated to watching them at all times, but according to Ronnie’s story, he did it:

"Playing the White House was great," Ronnie said. "But I ended up grabbing Michelle Obama's ass. She's a hugger! And she's unexpectedly tall so, when we were all being introduced to them, she went in for the hug, and because she's so tall, she ended up with her arms over me like this. Which meant that, the way I had positioned myself, suddenly I found I was grabbing her ass."

Michelle hasn’t released a statement about the incident, which occurred back in July 2010 when The Killers performed for 4th of July White House festivities, but I can totally see her giving Ronnie a serious side-eye as he was escorted away by the Secret Service.

The Killer’s new album, Battle Born, is out in September.