Kreayshawn Bores on Jimmy Kimmel Live

September 18, 2012 By:
Kreayshawn Bores on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sometimes I forget that Kreayshawn hasn’t had an album yet. Okay, not sometimes…all the time.

The “Gucci Gucci” rapper made such a radio splash with that out-of-the-blue success I just assumed she already capitalized it on with a streamlined studio record. Turns out the Bay Area chick was taking her sweet old time thinking up other bling-y hits to complement college parties everywhere. Except the timing is somewhat off—we’ve all graduated from clinking red cups while Kreay was held back it appears.

Kreayshawn performed her latest single “Go Hard (La.La.La)” on Jimmy Kimmel for the release of her debut album Something ‘Bout Kreay and if the intention was to in fact “go hard,” then, truthfully it left something to be desired.

While the Oakland native jumped around in a salmon lace tutu skirt looking like the anti-Carly Rae Jepsen, she spit (La.La.La)-s that sounded more (Blah.Blah.Blah).
You know something’s off when your tweets pack more excitement than the actual performance. Of the late night apperance, she tweeted:

“TELEVISION” in ALL CAPS a reference to the fact that it was THE INTERNETZ that got her there. Currently, “Gucci Gucci” has over 38 million views on THE YOUS TUBEZ.

Anyway, decide if you feel Kreay went hard enough after watching it in full here: