Jahan and Yasmine Kick Rainman Out of Krewella, He Sues Them for $5 Million

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Jahan and Yasmine Kick Rainman Out of Krewella, He Sues Them for $5 Million
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EDM group Krewella are involved in a pretty sticky lawsuit… with each other.

Kris Trindl aka Rainman has been kicked out of the group due to his recent sobriety. Rainman, his former girlfriend Jahan Youaf, and her sister Yasmine Yousaf started Krewella back in 2007. The group found huge success after releasing their single "Killin' It," which landed them a record deal with Columbia Records. 

But with great success comes great pressure, and for touring musicians.. a lot of alcohol, drugs, and partying. Rainman was drinking a lot on the road and "used alcohol to try to cope with the pressure." Things got so bad that by the summer of last year, he checked into a detox program for alcohol abuse and then a 30-day rehab program.

According to Rainman's lawsuit, after he completed his rehab program, the Yousaf sisters along with their manager Jake Udell began treating him differently. They were conspiring to remove Rainman from the group now that they were successful. Kicking Rainman out of Krewella would mean more money for the sisters because they would no longer have to split their income three ways.

Rainman is now suing the sisters for at least $5 million.


Krewella posted a message on their Facebook page to give their side of the story-

"To our krew:

We woke up this morning to the lawsuit Kris filed against us. As you all know, there are two sides to every story. We ask our fans to please be patient and not come to any conclusions until we are able to respond to the lawsuit with the truth. Our team has advised that we don’t get into any specifics until we can properly respond to the false claims made—most importantly being that we did not kick Kris out of Krewella, he resigned. We’re having a really difficult time today. As we write this letter to you, we are in the studio working on the second album. Please hang in there with us, the truth will eventually come out. Thank you for being so supportive, we love you guys.

Love, Y & J"

Yasmine also took to her personal Tumblr page to write a heartfelt message to her fans. You can read it here.

To add insult to injury, the sisters have been promoting their upcoming gigs with press shots of only the two of them, without Rainman.

EDM fans saw this coming... Krewella is much more marketable with just the two sisters. Rainman always looked out of place in photos, even though everyone knows he puts in the bulk of the work.