‘Game Of Thrones’ Star is Secretly an Established DJ

June 12, 2013 By:

Earlier today the Internet lit up when it caught wind that Kristian Nairn, who plays the loveable, slow-witted and oversized Hodor on HBO’s “Game Of Thrones,” has roots in the EDM world.

The news flash is confirmed via this little tidbit on the “GOT” wiki:

“Kristian Nairn is a Northern Irish actor and musician. He is a successful DJ, having performed alongside acts such as the Scissor Sisters and worked as far afield as South Africa and Australia. He is 6'11" and as of June 2012 is 36 years old.”

It looks like Pop Culture Brain and Do Androids Dance? can be credited for getting the word out and any mass histeria that resulted. The latter was able to turn up an old interview with Kairn where he talked about his work behind the turntables, both as a producer and residency-holding DJ, and also this remix:

Then there's this house mix under the title kharmonix on SoundCloud, which Nairn linked to on his Twitter in the past.

(Photo: Pop Culture Brain)

Stereotude has reached out for comment from Nairn on all this belated-DJ press and some clarity on the situation as a whole. He was not readily available for comment. Probably because he was too busy doing rock star things, like hanging out with Kelly Clarkson.

(Photo: Twitter)