Kurt Cobain's Guitar Sells for $100,000

December 24, 2008 By:
Kurt Cobain's Guitar Sells for $100,000

A smashed guitar that once belonged to Kurt Cobain just sold at an auction for $100,000.

The taped up Fender Mustang was previously owned by rocker Sluggo of The Grannies and Hullabaloo, who claims he traded Cobain a working guitar for the smashed up one during the band's early days.

Helen Hall, a broker in England, says it's the second-highest known price for an item of Cobain memorabilia.

The sale was confirmed Tuesday by Jacob McMurray, senior curator at the Experience Music Project in Seattle."It's a really cool-looking guitar because it's smashed and held together with duct tape and Kurt Cobain wrote on it," McMurray said.

"There's not a huge amount of broken Nirvana guitars out there," McMurray said, adding that most amount to "little slivers and fragments."