Kylie Minogue: I Play a Part in Gaga's Success

June 15, 2010 By:
Kylie Minogue: I Play a Part in Gaga's Success

Kylie Minogue is one of our all-time favorite artists. She been ruling the dance-pop music scene since the 80s, and feels she’s had a big influence on one current artist in particular: Lady Gaga!

It’s like everyone wants a piece of the Fame Monster, including the already-famous! Minogue told Blackbook magazine in a new interview that she sees herself in Lady Gaga.

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"I think there's an element of me in her, but you'd also have to add into that mix other women,” Kylie explained.

Kylie says her genre on music has become a lot more popular in recent years, which is why artists like Gaga have become so successful. She added,
"It's all part of a chain. In as much as dance music has gone mainstream, I'd love to think that I've played a part in that."

Kylie may never be “Gaga” to us, but we still love her. Her 11th studio album Aphrodite is coming out next month—not an easy feat for an artist!

Kylie said of the upcoming album, "Aphrodite is the goddess of love, and as far as the music goes, there's a feeling of euphoria on this one.”

Stay tuned for more on the upcoming album…and hopefully tour!