Kylie Minogue to Perform at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert

March 1, 2012 By:
Kylie Minogue to Perform at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert

Kylie Minogue is the latest in a stellar line-up added to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert this summer in London. How great! The Jubilee! The Diamond Jubi-What the heck is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert?

While the Diamond Jubilee sounds like the name of a middle school cafeteria winter formal, the Jubilee celebrates 60 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign in England. In honor of the queen, they throw a giant concert. I'm gonna guess that Diamonds are probably also involved.

Kylie Minogue says, “I’m honored to be invited to perform at the Diamond Jubilee Concert. To share the stage in front of Buckingham Palace with music legends including Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Tom Jones and Elton John in celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is very exciting.”

This amazing line-up is part of a free concert. Dang, the Queen has cool tastes in music.

In related news, the Spice Girls were rumored to be reuniting again at the Diamond Jubilee, but sadly they were just rumors.

“It was so flattering to be asked to do the Jubilee,” Victoria Beckham told the Daily Mirror, “but we have lots on our plates and we are all so focused on the end of the year and Viva Forever, the musical. The Jubilee isn’t going to happen.”

Oh well, Kylie Minogue is basically the honorary member of the Spice Girls. Accent? Check. Over the hill? Check. Still hot? Check.