Lady Gaga Hints At "Telephone" Sequel

October 24, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga Hints At

Remember at the end of the “Telephone” video (after you watched it for the 405th time) when Lady Gaga and her Thelma & Louise accomplice Beyoncé teased “To be continued…”?

That was over two and a half years ago, and when that journey would in fact “be continued…” has been ringing with a busy tone. Until yesterday.

Mother Monster has risen from her online slumber and is finally answering our calls. After a fan, curious about her upcoming album ARTPOP, asked her on Twitter whether or not there’d be a sequel to the duet and its accompanying 10-minute visual Quentin Tarantino-esque opus on the disc, Gaga simply responded with the word “fact.”

She’s since deleted that tweet (she wouldn’t be Lady Gaga unless the intentionally mysterious pop singer had you scratching your head and asking questions after all), but that sounds a lot like a confirmation of…well, of something remotely related to “Telephone”!

Naturally, she doesn’t at all specify if it would include Beyoncé, but how can you have a sequel to “Telephone” WITHOUT Bey? That’d be like a sequel to Pulp Fiction with just John Travolta and no Samuel L. Jackson. Unacceptable.

ARTPOP is the singer’s third full-length studio album and includes the production prowess of producers Fernando Garibay and RedOne.

It’s arriving next year with no official release date. According to an interview with Access Hollywood, Gaga said the album will be about “the decay of the blonde pop icon and how culture loves to build and give birth to fantasies and then destroy them and what that means.”