Lady Gaga Launching a Social Networking Site

May 21, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga Launching a Social Networking Site

So, like, do we have to join Gagabook now?

Apparently 25 million twitter followers just isn’t enough for Lady Gaga, the songstress has plans to launch her own social networking site so that her little monsters have an online place to interact.

The social network is actually being named “Little Monsters” and is currently online but still in it’s BETA testing stage.

It’s kind of like Pinterest meets the early stages of Myspace. Meaning, everyone’s profile pics are obnoxious and angsty, but you can “pin” the stuff you like.

Earlier this year Gaga began investing in a Silicon Valley tech start-up company, Backplane, and this is their first project together.

Backplane CEO Matt Michelsen says, “Backplane is about bringing together communities and Gaga’s community just so happens to be the community we’re using to learn about proper functionality. We think we can really change the world.”

I’m sorry, you lost me at “we think we can change the world.”

Geez, Mark Zuckerberg, where you at? Can you shut down this silly Gaga-venture? Besides, who has time to log in to TWO facebook type things anyways?

In other news, Lady Gaga was on The Simpsons this weekend AND apparently she’s also getting banned from performances in the Philippines for being anti-Christian, or pro-monster or something.

Oh well, it didn’t work because she ended up performing there over the weekend anyways and shouted out to the audience, “I’m not a creature of your government, Manila.”