2011 MTV VMA: Lady Gaga's Performance of "You and I"

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2011 MTV VMA: Lady Gaga's Performance of

Lady Gaga is a man now. Gaga surprised fans when she took the stage at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards dressed like her male alter ego Jo Calderone.

Gaga wore a dirty t-shirt and a Brooks Brothers suit while performing her hit song “You and I”. But not before going into a super long speech about Gaga.

“She’s f—ing crazy!” said Calderone-as-Gaga. “She comes out of the shower still drippin’, still got the heels on! At first it was sexy, but now I’m just confused.”

“I think it’s really f—ing great that she’s still such a star,” Jo continued. “But how am I supposed to shine?… ’Cause when she gets on the stage, there’s no holding back.” Jo even complained that when Gaga reaches sexual climax, she covers her face. “Like she can’t stand to have one honest moment where nobody’s watching! I want her to be real. She says, ‘I’m not real, I’m theatre.’”

Gaga then walked over to the piano and Brian May from Queen starting playing the guitar and together they belted out “You and I”.

Last year at the MTV VMA’s Gaga showed up in a meat dress, shocking the audience and fellow stars. And this year she showed up as a man. What is she going to do next year? Show up with a waxed head and diapers?

She stayed in Jo mode for most of the awards show even doing the Britney Spears tribute as Jo. She said she/he used to touch himself to posters of Spears. Performers then took the stage, singing and dancing to a montage of Britney songs, including Oops I Did It Again . Britney took the stage to accept her special tribute award and Jo tried to make out with her. Brit pulled back and joked that she’s “already done that.”

Gaga first appeared as Joe back in 2010 on a cover of Japan’s Vogues Homme issue. She’s done a couple of photoshoots dressed like Jo and it’s starting to get old and creepy. We want Gaga, not Jo.

Check out Lady Gaga/Jo’s performance of “You and I” below and let us know what you thought of the performance.

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