Adam Lambert Facing a Lawsuit?

November 8, 2011 By:
Adam Lambert Facing a Lawsuit?

After performing in Ireland this weekend at the MTV EMA’s with Queen, Adam Lambert returned to America to be slapped in the face with a lawsuit.

For what? Upstaging Lady Gaga at the EMA’s? Being a better singer than Justin Bieber?

Nope, apparently Lambert is facing a lawsuit that says he was in violation when he competed on season 8 of American Idol. Apparently at the same time he was under a Music Services Agreement and co-publishing Agreement with some company called Colwel Platinum Entertainment.

Before and during his appearance on Idol he was releasing an album with Colwel Platinum called Beg For Mercy. Due to the operating agreement with this label he was violating the agreement by appearing on Idol.

The feud was further complicated when the album Beg For Mercy was posted on and reps for Lambert sent takedown notices to Amazon to stop selling the album.

Reps for Colwel Platinum are suing Lambert and says, “Upon information and belief, Lambert, through his authorized agent and representative, knowingly materially misrepresented to in the ‘takedown notice’ that Amazon’s promotion and sale of the Album infringe Lambert’s rights.”

That’s a lot of legal mumbo jumbo that basically means, deep sh-t for Lambert. Basically, Lambert was already working on an album before Idol and tried to make it seem as if that label and album never existed.

Lambert tweeted this, “Remember that in any dispute, reserve judgment until all the facts surface from ALL parties. Guilt and innocence come with a complete story.”

This legal issue is probably also the reason why Lambert’s newest single release is being delayed.

Lambert’s lead single off his upcoming follow-up to For Your Entertainment has continually been put off.

He tweeted again last night, “Due to some unforeseen logistics, legal annoyances and creative details, the first single is delayed again.”

Wow, so formal for someone who wears more eyeliner than Kris Jenner.

He tweeted in more detail about why the single is taking so long to release.

“I want to apologize for claiming November as the release month. I spoke too soon. I had a great meeting in London yesterday and continue…to take the time to ensure the song it it’s BEST and that the whole album and campaign is a unified artistic extension of my spirit.”

He also added that the album itself will be released at some point in the spring and says, “I’m sorry for the delay – but trust me, it’s worth it.”

It better be. Besides, Rihanna can put out five albums in the amount of time it took Lambert to tweet about one album. It better be damn worth it.