Lada Gaga: 100 Million Dollar Woman

January 13, 2011 By:
Lada Gaga: 100 Million Dollar Woman

Lady Gaga is riiiiiiiich, bitches!

And she’s about to get a whole lot wealthier this year. According to Forbes, she’s on track to make $100 million in 2011. Do you know how many freaking zeroes that is?!

2010 wasn’t that bad of a year for her either—she made around $60 mil, just under what Jay-Z made. Most of her cashflow comes from her tour, where the average ticket price is $102. She made 138 stops last year, and is planning on continuing full steam ahead for this year.

Lady Gaga Performing at the Grammys!

Let’s not forget she has a new album coming out in May—and fans are ready. Experts think she could make $15 million alone on that.

Get this—Gaga isn’t even playing huge stadiums yet. She’s still on the “arena” tour track. People are guessing she’ll make the jump to stadiums this year though.

If that happens, Forbes says she could earn a million a night, totaling $130 million…an "absolute best-case scenario."

I’ll say! Maybe she’ll use her pennies to buy dresses that aren’t made of meat this year!