Lady Gaga Cancels More Shows

January 18, 2010 By:
Lady Gaga Cancels More Shows

Lady Gaga’s hectic schedule must really be catching up with her! The singer has reportedly canceled a whole string of shows, just days after pulling out of a concert in Indiana. She decided to cancel after collapsing on stage due to an irregular heartbeat. We can’t say we blame the girl!

But many fans are upset since Gaga seemed well enough to perform on Oprah just one day later. She did however, apologize to her fans on Twitter, saying she was devastating for having to cancel on them.

But since then, Gaga has disappointed even more fans, pulling out of a planned gay rights charity gala she was due to host in Atlantic City on Saturday. She also canceled her show in Wallingford, Connecticut yesterday, and postponed her concert scheduled for today in Uncasville, Connecticut.

We know Gaga is a very dedicated artist, and she must really be struggling to have canceled so many appearances. This happens to so many celebrities with their crazy busy schedules. We think Gaga is deserving of a little vacation to rest!