Lady Gaga Cancels Several Shows

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Lady Gaga Cancels Several Shows


Lady Gaga is on the injured reserves.

The “Alejandro” singer has announced that she will be postponing upcoming dates on her Born This Way Ball due to her condition of synovitis, an inflammation found in the membrane of joints.

Postponed dates reportedly stretch into the weekend, putting a halt to her Chicago (Wednesday and Thursday), Detroit (Saturday), and Hamilton, Ontario (Sunday) appearances.

A series of messages posted on Gaga’s Twitter page relayed inside information about her condition, and—more prominently— her remorse for having to make the decision:

“I've been hiding a show injury and chronic pain for sometime now, over the past month it has worsened. I've been praying it would heal”

“I hid it from my staff, I didn't want to disappoint my amazing fans. However after last nights performance I could not walk and still can't”

“It will hopefully heal as soon as possible, I hate this. I hate this so much. I love you and Im sorry.”

An official statement posted on her website, tells a similar tale:

“I am completely devastated and heartsick. I've been hiding this injury and pain from my staff for a month, praying it would heal, but after last night's performance, I could not walk."

The Born This Way Ball is currently scheduled to continue through March 20.

It’s unclear if Gaga will be back on her feet for her performance in Philadelphia on Tuesday, Feb. 19. For now at least, fans will have to let their mama monster rest. 

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