Lady Gaga is Good for Business

May 10, 2011 By:

Everyone is Gaga for Gaga, so when she puts her name on a charity, you can bet it’s going to raise some serious cash.

The Robin Hood Foundation gala, Wall Street’s largest single-evening fundraising event, had Lady Gaga onstage and took in $47.4 million on Sunday at its annual New York dinner.

Tickets for the foundation sold out in April after they announced Gaga would perform. It’s like paying a little extra for a private concert, but its for a good cause—win win situation!

Founded in 1988, the Robin Hood Foundation raises money for 200 of New York’s poverty-fighting organizations. Harvey Weinstein and actor Gwyneth Paltrow are on the board and stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Martha Stewart, Steven Rattner and film director Ron Howard all showed up to show their support.

Anything Gaga touches turns to gold!