Lady Gaga Involved in Bloody Murder Scene

June 4, 2010 By:
Lady Gaga Involved in Bloody Murder Scene

Lady Gaga is known for pushing the envelope with her performances, but has she gone too far this time? The controversial pop star has come under fire for a recent performance in the U.K. in which she simulated a murder scene on stage.

It was a revisiting of the performance Gaga did at the MTV Movie Awards. This one took place in Manchester, England, and she pretended to be brutally attacked by her male dancers, before falling to the floor covered in fake blood.

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People are outraged because it occurred just one day after a cab driver went on a killing spree in the country, killing twelve people before taking his own life. In addition, there was an incident last week involving a PhD student in the country who was charged with murdering three prostitutes.

Concert-goers were shocked and offended. One told the UK Sun, "I'm a huge fan but was shocked like everyone else. It was sick, especially after what happened in Bradford and Cumbria. It was just over the top and gory."

Another concert-goer adds, "I'm absolutely sickened at what I saw. We know Lady Gaga is not exactly mainstream for all the family, but she crossed the line this time. It was extremely tasteless to see her pretend to be attacked in such a gory way, especially in front of kids."

Anti-violence campaigner Lynn Costello, spokesperson for Britain's Mothers Against Violence charity, said, "I wouldn't let any child of mine go to see Lady Gaga - I think she's tasteless anyway and this scene appears to back what I believe.

"Something like this is tasteless at any time but so soon after what happened in Bradford and Cumbria it also shows a total lack of sensitivity to the families of the victims. These people seem more concerned with selling tickets."

Check out the footage below. Is this just Lady Gaga expressing herself, or did she take it too far this time?