Lady Gaga Makes The Reality TV Rounds

July 29, 2011 By:

In you, like me, sometimes forget that Lady Gaga is actually human, she has made several TV show appearances this week to prove that she is both a robot and a down-to-earth chick.

Gaga appeared as a guest judge on “So You Think You Can Dance” on Wednesday night and threw one of her stilt shoes on stage because two girls on the show have mohawks which has some sort of “Born This Way” significance apparently.

Then on Thursday she performed on the dance show and later that night she performed again on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Gaga talked to Jimmy before taking the stage where she talked bowling in heels and drunk cooking.

When Kimmel asked Gaga if she rents bowling shoes when she goes bowling Gaga replied “Absolutely not.” Gaga, known for wearing those Alexander McQueen heels that make her look half lizard half tranny, says “what if one of my fans walked into the bowling alley and saw me in flats, I think they’d have a heart attack.”

She also proves she’s just a normal girl that craves drunk food just like everybody else! “We’ve probably had at least a couple bottles of Jamieson to drink and I start chain smoking and making pasta for everyone. Good Brooklyn Italian girl,” she explains. Hahah so normal!

She then took to the stage to play her hits “The Edge of Glory” and her newest single, “You and I” which sounds almost like country music as she sings about some Nebraska guy that tastes like whiskey. Except, unlike country musicians, Gaga was wearing a leotard with bat wings and geometric sparkly parachute pants.